17 years of quality
Since 1990 we have been dealing in textile agency, importing & exporting trade for 17 years, mainly for lady's and men's wear fabric and accessory. Being with organized and well-trained salesmen and experience, we create considerable turnover and offer best service.

has always had a passion on it
We import and expert in many different kinds of garment fabric, accessory and has always have a passion on it to meet all demands .
  Product range  
Able to meet all requirements, from lady's and men's wear fabric. i.e. woven, knitted, grey, printed, jacquard, embroidered, beaded fabric in viscose, linen, cotton, silk, wool, polyester or blends.


Variety of scarf, stole, borders, lace, motif, belts, sequins, etc. for fashion industry.

men's shirt in 100% pure fined cotton or blends, any style is possible.
  Covering France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan.  
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